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  The Print Edition of Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter for the Nursing Profession has gone out every month starting with October 1992. Electronic publishing was added in 2002. 


  Our mission is to reduce nurses fear of the law, reduce nurses exposure to litigation and enable nurses to act with confidence.

  Nurse managers need to recognize potential legal problems and prevent them before they happen.  Managers and clinical nurses need to be familiar with the way the law is applied by the courts to specific patient-care situations.

  We work toward our goals every month by highlighting the very latest important Federal and state court decisions and new Federal regulations that directly affect nurses in hospitals, long term care facilities and home health agencies.  We focus on nursing negligence and nurses employment and licensing issues.

  Our readers are busy professionals in nursing management, nursing education, clinical nursing, risk management, human resources, legal nurse consulting and law. 




  A physician was awarded a multimillion dollar verdict for defamation against a nurse who did not follow hospital guidelines in accusing the physician of being impaired by alcohol on the job.

  A female chaperone requirement for female patients being examined by a male nurse does not discriminate against male nurses.

  Deaf patients have the right to aids to effective communication, but can only sue if hospital caregivers were deliberately indifferent to their needs.

  Nurses sued for pregnancy and race discrimination, and sexual harassment on the job by a physician.

  A psych patient was ruled gravely disabled and court ordered into involuntary committment because he could not manage his own diabetes.

  A medical assistant who used medical marijuana sued her employer for discrimination and won her case.

  An emergency room nurse serving on jury duty committed misconduct by drawing on her own experience during jury deliberations.

  A nurse from Mexico was ruled entitled to political asylum in the US.

  Nurse practitioners opinions are now admissible in Social Security disability cases, but there is no guarantee the hearing officer will accept an opinion that is not grounded in the facts.

  A report of patient abuse is considered defamatory if it was filed out of malice or spite toward the person being accused.

  Arbitration agreements are not overly burdensome to patients or their families if their lawyer is advancing the costs of the case.

  The US Fourth Circuit has changed the procedures greatly in patients favor for malpractice cases against the US government.  


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