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Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter for the Nursing Profession

has gone out in print every month since October 1992.

Electronic publishing was added in 2002.

Current issue is August 2019.


Our goals are to reduce nursesí fear of the law, give nurses

confidence to act and reduce nursesí exposure to legal liability.

 We work toward our goals by showing nurses

how US courts are applying the law to nursing practice

in hospitals, nursing homes, home health

and outpatient clinical settings.

We focus on nursesí professional negligence, employment

discrimination and licensing issues.


Our readers are professionals in nursing, nursing management,

nursing education, risk management, quality assurance,

legal nurse consulting and law.


Monthly Print Edition contains eight pages of content.

Monthly Electronic Edition is same content as Print Edition.


Electronic Edition is sent by email file attachment. 

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Online access is available to libraries

with IP address authentication.

Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter for the Nursing Profession

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